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estcequecestlefutur visuel BD 01.jpg

Est-ce que c'est le futur ?, 2019


vidéo 360° (2’)

Installation sur Timescope accessible aux abord de chantier de la gare Maison-Blanche Paris 13e

The VR video Est-ce que c’est le futur ? Explores the 13th district in Paris which has the biggest Asian population in France. It’s a place where you regularly find a mix of many languages on billboards, shop fronts and signs. In this video the neon signs on the streets are blank screens where anybody can place their own language. Empty streets without signs or people remind us of the deserted cities during the lockdowns of the Covid pandemic. 

The background music by Robert Schumann “The Prophet Bird” adds to the mystery, and the real world video filmed with a 360 camera, splits and distorts to reveal a 3D landscape. The mixture of real world and 3D break the frontier between the physical and non-physical. This immersive experience takes the viewer on an imaginary journey around the site of the new Metro station in Maison Blanche, Paris. This project is the winner for the Numeriscope project by Grand Paris. 

estcequecestlefutur visuel BD 02.jpg
estcequecestlefutur visuel BD 03.jpg

Projet réalisé dans le cadre de la programmation artistique et culturelle du Grand Paris Express.

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