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View of the exhibition Doublage, 2021

gallery AL / MA, Montpellier, France

Le monde projeté, 2021

(Bayou) - yellow, 2018, 73 x 15 x 255 cm, (Saba) - blue triangle, 2021, 53 x 58 x 15, high : 230 cm ; 185 cm, (Stella) - beige octagon, 2021, (33 cm x 8) x 15 x 150 cm, neon, plexiglass, aluminum, steel

Doublage is a project that aims to share a vision of the possible evolution of the urban landscape in relation to language. Today the world is full of signs. We travel and travel signs. Faced with an unknown sign, all of a sudden you become a stranger. To imagine an utopian future where there is a sign that everyone understands, this project shares an imagination that the physical landscape becomes like the white wall for us to project everyone's signs and that information.


This project does not only present this anticipation, but also extends to simulating and experiencing it for the audience. The installation includes a mobile application made with mixed reality technologies for this project. This allows people to view images or 3D objects that do not exist in the real world. The exhibition can be viewed in different layers of perception depending on the technologies being used. The application offers windows to different times and spaces. This promotes hypothetical reflection about the environment we live in. The viewer can also experience the physical installations without the additional information provided by the application.


At the gallery AL / MA, there is a painting of a blue cuboid, on a sign, which can be scanned to discover the other elements of the exhibition. These elements are the addition of visual information in different languages around the installation. Currently, there are Arabic, Korean, emoji, English, Chinese, Russian, French but more could be added in the future


At GPS locations around the city, the application adds augmented reality installation Landscape bubbles. These bubbles transport you to different dimensions with neither language nor people. Also, when you scan certain signs, listed in the application, the visual information around you will be distorted. Finally, you can scan the front cover of this catalog and the exhibition flyer to reveal a miniature 3D model of the installation. 


The Doublage application is available for download for free from the Apple Store and Google play.

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